Shipping NIKEiD to Australia, New Zealand or outside of the United States.

This specialized shipping service is what you need to turn an online custom Nike design into a physical product that you can wear!

NikeID Shipping

Every custom NIKEiD product is made to order, NIKEiD has an estimated time of 6 weeks for orders to be created and shipped to the United States of America, some products may take longer.

Shipping to Australia or New Zealand

Our guides will allow you to use a service that provides NIKEiD shipping to Australia, New Zealand or anywhere outside of the Unites States.

Remember, this is a specialized service that will help order your customized shoes and deliver to your door that Nike Australia doesn't offer.

How to ship nikeid

Shipping options

Delivery will vary depending on the period it takes Nike to make your order and delivery time. When the item is in Australia it will then be shipped to your Australian address through Australia Post. New Zealand customers will receive delivery from New Zealand Post.

US Domestic 

NIKEiD orders are made in asia, orders are shipped to a USA shipping address in 6 weeks at a flat cost.

Discounts are given when multiple items are purchased at a single time.


Once your order has arrived, our team can then start shipping the order to Australia or New Zealand using USPS (United States Postal Services) Priority Mail International.

An estimated time of 6-10 Business Days in most cases.


Need it fast? You can express the order for an additional fee using USPS Express Mail International 3-5 business days.

The price will depend on your order and how many items are included in the shipment.

Pricing structure

The recommended method is USPS ( United States Postal Services ) Priority Mail International 6-10 days to deliver to Australia or New Zealand. A single shoe box is about 2-3 Pounds which the price for a single pair of shoe(s) is $50 AUD. For 2 pairs its $60 but for more additional items its only $15 additional per item after the 2nd pair.

Multiple Purchase If you would like 2 shoes as an example, its $50 AUD for the first item and $10 for 1 additional item. If you want 3 pairs or more its an extra $15 each addition item.Total of $60 AUD for 2 pairs or $75 for 3 pairs as an example.

Purchasing Direct from Nike

Nike don't provide shipping to Australia or New Zealand as a destination and only accept shipping addresses from within the United States. Nike also don't accept Australian Credit Cards or PayPal accounts as a method of payment, which you will require an international Credit Card accepted by Nike ID.