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Share your NIKE design

You will firstly need to ensure you have read the initial steps of designing your NIKEID shoes, clothing and accesories on the design page, and finished creating a design on the NIKEID website.

First Step

Create Design

Before you can share your custom nike design you need to create it using an inspiration or blank canvas.

Instructions on how you can design your own nike shoes are found on our design guide.

Start Design

Second Step

Email Design

Once you have designed your NIKIED shoes, clothes and more on the NIKEID website make sure you completed all the steps required.

This will allow our team to see your completed design and provide further information.

Third Step

Check Email

Further instructions will be provided by email, this is when you have followed our guides below.

Check your email for a response, it will provide instructions to order your custome NIKEiD shoes in Australia or New Zealand.

Desktop Version 1

  • 1
    Step one from four

    Find the Share Button

    Ensure you have completed the design, each option should have a tick. Locate the share button on the page, found on the bottom side of the sidebar options.

    Desktop V1 - Step1
  • 2
    Step two from four

    Click copy link or Twitter

    Find and click the COPY LINK or TWITTER button per screenshot, found under the social media icons.

    Desktop V1 - Step 2
  • 3
    Step three from four

    Copy the link given

    Clicked COPY LINK

    Copy the link by right clicking or CTR+C and then past this information onto a new email. We recommend testing the link to ensure you custom design loads.

    Desktop V1 - Step 3

    Clicked Twitter

    If you clicked on the Twitter button a new window will appear which you can copy the link from that using the same method as above.

    Desktop V1 - Step 3b
  • 4
    Step four from four

    Email The Link.

    Create a new email and past the link into the email, we would suggest also adding general information to the email like Product, Size(US) and main colours used on the custom design.

    You will need to send the email to the following email address:

    [email protected]

    Desktop V1 - Step 4

Desktop Version 2

  • 1
    Step one from five

    Find the Share Button

    Same as version 1, make sure your custom Nike shoe design is complete, then locate the share button on the screen.

    Share Steps
  • 2
    Step two from five

    Click on the email button

    Now click the email icon from the options given on the popup

    Email design
  • 3
    Step three from five

    Entering your details

    All you need to do now is fill the form out with a valid email address and ensure you have put the correct TO email which will be YOUR email.

    Failing to put either of the details correctly will result in no email and sending the email from the NIKEiD website directly to us will not work.

    the design
  • 4
    Step four from five

    Check your email

    Check your email that you send your design to and verify the design on the email by checking if the link to the design worked.

    email link
  • 5
    Step four from fiv

    Forwarding the email

    You will need to forward the email to us from your email account so we have your email address and we can correspond with you about your design. Without forwarding the design we can't see what you have designed.

    Please forward the email to the following:

    [email protected]

    check email


Coming soon...


  • 1
    Step one from four

    Complete the design

    Finish your design and ensure you put your size and personal iD

    mobile - Step1
  • 2
    Step two from four

    Click the share icon

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the share icon

    Mobile - Step 2
  • 3
    Step three from four

    Click email option

    Click the email option from the screen, ensure you have email setup on your mobile device

    Mobile - Step 3
  • 4
    Step four from four

    Email The Link.

    You will need to send the email to the following email address:

    [email protected]

    Mobile - Step 4
Quick FAQ 

Finished creating your design and sharing it with us..

Once you have completed sharing your design, you will then be provided instructions on what you need to do to make an order of the design you have just shared. Please ensure you have used the correct email on the FROM field and check your email for a reply.

Replies for further instructions will vary on the time you have shared the Nike design, but can be sent within 5 minutes. Please allow us up to 24 hours though.

Will i get what i designed?

Simple answer is YES! We have process that has worked for several years, we also send several confirmations of what designs you have shared with us.

Alternatively during checkout use the order comments form to submit any information you think is relevant. We recommend adding sizes, genders or anything important so no delays will occur