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Ordering NIKEiD

Unofficial Guide to order NIKEiD in Australia or New Zealand

So you are ready to order and have shared your design(s) according to our guide, check your email as you most likely will get a response with further instructions to make an order.

Email responses will vary depending on the day and time you have shared your custom Nike design, although a response can almost be immediate! NIKEiD is a service NIKE provide to make custom NIKE shoes and are made to order, be aware it takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks for it to be made.

Ordering directly with NIKE USA

Unfortunately ordering directly with NIKEiD USA is impossible, they won't accept your non-USA issued credit card and will not ship to Australia or New Zealand or a parcel forwarding company.

Issues making an order

If you are still having issues ordering NIKEiD in Australia, New Zealand or outside the USA ensure you have following our share guide. Following the guide will make it possible for you to order NIKEiD.

View Share Guide

Still unsure? Check these out!

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Calculating Costs

The costs will depend on what item you are looking to order, we don't price NikeID clothing, shoes or accessories at a flat rate which is why we offer the best price.

Find the true costs involved to order NIKEiD in Australia or New Zealand below.


The custom shoe you want on NIKEiD is $115USD, add the following to find the normal costs in USD.

  •   Product price ($115 USD)
  •   US sales tax at 8.25% ($9.90 USD)
  •   US ground shipping ($12 USD)

Total: $136.49USD

The above example is what it would cost a person living in the USA to purchase the NIKEiD item in USD.

The real costs involved

Below is a breakdown on the real costs involved to purchase NIKEiD in Australia or New Zealand living outside the USA.

  • NIKEiD product

    The advertised price always excludes sales taxes and added on checkout.

  • US Sales Tax

    Sales tax that is added to orders which varies state to state, our US sales tax is 8.25%.

  • USA Ground Shipping

    The current rate is $12USD per order but can be discounted for multiple purchases.

  • International Credit Card Fee

    To make and receive payment the team is charged with transaction fees, about 3..4%.

  • Re-packing Fee

    Re-packing the package involves time and materials.

  • Service Fee

    To be able to provide the service to order NIKEiD outside of the USA, unfortunately this can't be provided for free.

  • Australian GST

    Australia tax would have to be added to the quote, thats 10%.

  • International Shipping

    Shipping from the USA to Australia, this depends on the amount of items.