We would like to inform people that sharing your design has effectively changed as of today ( September 11, 2013 ). Instead of being a 3 step process to sharing your custom NIKEiD design it's now 4 steps, probably a better move too.

Previously you were able to share your design directly with us, this is now impossible and you will have to share the design with yourself FIRST. That's right don't share the design with us directly from the share guide anymore. You will basically have to share the design with your own email, this way you get a copy of the design you made as well.

Once you have shared the design with yourself, you will then forward the email to us and will also vary on how you would do this because the amount of email clients people use. You should have a "FORWARD" button on your email client, which you will forward the design to us.

Here is a summary now:

1. Complete designing your shoes.
2. Locate the email function on the NIKEiD Website.
3. Complete the form and send the design to your OWN email
4. Receive the email with the design then forward the email to us.

For any questions please contact us.