Looking to order items in bulk for a group of friends, sports team or even for your business well we can send in bulk too.

Ordering 5+ shoes we can send items depending on 2 scenarios, do you want to keep the NikeID boxes or not?

Obviously when sending each shoe with its box the space will be larger and we are restricted to the USPS size limit on orders.

We have so far managed to only send 4 shoes with boxes in 1 shipment, anything more with boxes will require 2 shipments at least.

Shipping the items without boxes we can fit way more shoes into one shipment and help reduce costs for you wanting several items.

This might not be ideal for customers wanting the box, but if you are willing to pay the extra shipping costs then we are more than happy to send it how you would like.

Please contact us prior with the exact amount of shoes you are looking to get.