So you are looking to find out how long the process takes, or find out an estimate time for custom NIKEiD items to arrive?

The most common question people ask us, sometimes we hate answering this because we cover it and used to provide a 31-36 day guideline for the process NIKEiD items take to be made.

As time goes by i have come to realize things are getting slower to make shipment, many factors has cross our mind which can include the time of the year, materials, shoe type or even the color.

We can see the major factor is what shoe type you want to customize, running shoes like the Nike Free Run are pretty quick but then when it comes to boots/cleats or basketball shoes they seem to take a bit longer.

When you design your actual shoe on the NIKEiD website it actually tells you the estimated time, if you scroll down it tells you! Below is an example of what it would look like, so make sure you look at it when you are customizing.

time frame

So going by this we have found some shoes now take almost 7 weeks to make, YES 7 weeks. Nothing can be done to process it, all we can say is be patient OR order earlier.

Lets take the Lebron 11 basketball shoes as an example, it says 50 Days to receive the item which you can see below an example.

Hopefully this will help people understand and to find out how long it would take for the shoe to be made, BUT remember this doesn't include the 7-10 business days we estimate for shipping to Australia. This is purely the creation process NIKE take to make your customized shoe.