With the new technology and lack of updates we are doing lately we are fixing it all up and have jumped on board to social media platforms to keep you as a customer or a follower up to date with an order, photos or just want to peak at other peoples designs. You never know you might to want to check out if we actually do send out custom NIKEiD shoes to Australia and not fakes!

Now when we decide to upload an image it should appear on all three social media platforms we use, which include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It would be a great idea if you have purchase custom Nike shoes, boots or cleats through us you can see the end result before we ship them to you!

Some people often what to be sure, so this would help give you peace of mind and be happy with what we do!

Getting Updates

Well get updates instantly and follow us today using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Although we are using these platforms, with inquiries please send them using our contact form as it is a lot easier to manage.

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