After more than 2 years of operation and service we are still going strong and hopefully will keep going as time goes on to help Australia and New Zealand get NIKEiD to ensure we get custom gear too! If you didn't know NIKEiD allows you to create your own custom NIKE shoes, clothes, bags and more! Just checkout our design page for more information on that ad how to get started.

For all of you aware of this and trying to purchase and pay for your NIKEiD in Australia or New Zealand then just share the design as you always have been doing. The share page may sometime looks different as NIKE changes the design process ( Website appearance ) but the concept is simple! Share the design using the email option!

But recently major changes has been done on the NIKE iD website, but remember the concept is the same! If you are being redirected to the Australian website remember all you need to do is scroll down the page and simply choose USA as the country then try the link again!

We have past the 1,000 like on our facebook fan page which is awesome, and hopefully continue to expand the amount of people who likes us :D.

Thank you for all the support and word of mouth provided of our service and i hope to continue doing this and ensure everyone is happy! Remember login to view your order history guys and good idea to read the actual NIKE iD frequently asked questions our the ones on our website!