Order NIKEiD when you live in Australia can get abit complicated but it doesn't mean it's impossible.

We provide the best guides that will help you order custom NIKE shoes in your favorite colour and materials and be unique! Our share guide will get you started by emailing your custom NIKE design to our team and viewing the customized shoe.

Before we even order, do you know what NIKEiD actually is? You can design your own custom NIKE shoes using the NIKEiD service that allows you to choose your own colours, materials and even add a personal iD to your design on your favorite shoes.

Order NIKEiD guide

You can read our share article that has been used thousands of times to order NIKEiD in Australia, New Zealand and outside of the USA. This guide will allow you to get a quote to use a specialised service to make a purchase and provide shipping to you.

This simple step by step guide will get your started on ordering your very own NIKEiD shoes even if you don't live in the USA.

Order NIKEiD

Common Issues

By now you would have realised that if you live outside of the USA that you can't order NIKEiD directly because they only offer this service in certain countries. You will also find out using a shipping/parcel forwarding company will not work as they are most likely banned as a shipping address during checkout.

Using our method that actually works will allow you to order NIKEiD shoes in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else and walk around with your own custom NIKE shoes.