Frequently Asked Questions

Design Questions

Where and how do i start designing my own Nike shoes, clothing or equipment?

You will design your item on the actual NIKEID website, you will not be creating or designing anything on our actual website. You will then share the design to make an order.

How do i know i will get my design when placing an order?

We basically attach the design you shared with us to your order, either matching them by email addresses or your name. We will also send confirmation emails to ensure the right designs has been attached to the right products

What products can i design and purchase?

We can get any product that is available on the NIKEID website. The limitations is limited to what Nike offer, unfortunately we can't get anything that is not available.

What sizes are available to be ordered?

As above we can only purchase what size is available from Nike, ensure all sizes are in US sizing.

Will i be getting real Nike products and not fakes from asia?

YES! We only purchase our NIKEID and NIKE items from official Nike stores. Please check the photo gallery on products to see at some designs by our customers who have used our service.

NOTE: Please visit our design page for more information

Share Questions

I got sent a link for order, but the image is wrong?

We use generic images for all NIKEID products, the image is of the product itself and not your actual design. As above we attach your design to the order, so you can ignore the photo for all NIKEID products.

The image is not your design, simply because we don't have time to change the photo each time a design is shared. If we get 20 designs shared, we would then have to update the product 20 times with different photos each time which is a time consuming task.

Using a generic image simplifies it and we just attach the design to the order as not everyone purchases a shared design.

I have shared a design but didn't get a response

Ensure you have used a valid email and have not mistyped the email account. Invalid emails will cause no responses due to the email being invalid. Please allow time for an email response depending on the day and time it was sent.

After sharing my NIKEID design what do i do?

You should get an email with instructions on placing an order, alternatively read our order page for a guide on the order process.

NOTE: Please visit our share page for a detailed guide.

Ordering Questions

How long will it take for Nike to create?

Depending on the product and materials you have chosen it will vary, clothing usually are completed withing 2-3 weeks from order confirmation and shoes have a minimum of 31-36 days but can take longer to be sent to us for shipment. You will only be updated where necessary.

How much does it cost to use your service?

The price will depend on what products you are ordering, please browse through the online store for prices. Prices DO NOT include International shipping from USA and PayPal fees if you have chose to pay with PayPal.

How do i pay and what payment methods are accepted?

Please add the item to your cart and proceed with checkout, the available payment methods will be visible on checkout.

Why is the prices different from the NIKEID website?

Prices are different because the NIKEID website prices don't show the true costs of purchasing. Most USA websites don't include taxes on the product price as well as shipping it to a USA address. Please read our order page for a detailed guide on pricing.

NOTE: Please visit our order page for more information.

Shipping Questions

How much does shipping cost to my address?

Shipping to Australia or New Zealand is not included on the product price, it is $50 to ship a single product. Prices will vary on smaller items.

How do you ship NIKE to Australia or New Zealand?

We use United States Postal Services Mail International Parcels.

Can you send my order express?

Yes we can, we can send it using United States Postal Services Express Mail International 3-5 business days. You simply tick this option on checkout, the fees change from time to time, but will be visible on the shopping cart page.

NOTE: Please visit our shipping page for more information

My Order

How do i track my order progress?

We will email you updates each time we have an update to be sent, you can view the history by logging into your account.

How long does it usually take?

The estimate time from order to receiving the items choosing normal shipping is about 6-7 weeks. These times are just estimates and we have no control over Nike making the product.

What are the policies

You can find the policies in regards to cancellations, faulty items and returns on our shipping page. Please remember we are NOT Nike and we are a service.

My confirmation email has a different designID?

The design iD basically changes once we add it to our account to make an order. As the design are unique it can't have the same design iD, but nothing will be changed or altered so you are still getting what you custom built.