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Unofficial guide to design custom shoes with NIKEiD

Whats this all about..

We provide an unofficial but detailed guide on how you would design custom NIKEiD shoes on the USA website as Nike Australia doesn't provide these options.

The concept..

Ever wanted your own custom NIKE shoes, clothes or equipment. NIKEiD lets you make it personal. You begin with a blank product - or an inspiration - and express your individual style by adding color and a personal iD.

If you're on a team, you also have a great way to choose specific color combination for your team's gear. In addition, NIKEiD provides fit enhancement by offering independent sizing on selected shoe styles. Your creations are made to order, and in most cases will ship within 6 weeks.

Customization Options

  • NIKEiD product

    Choose your favourite NIKE shoes to start customizing using an inspiration or a blank canvas.

  • Materials & Colours

    Ability to choose from a wide range of materials and colours including suede and leather.

  • Personal iD

    Add your own personal iD to several locations on selected NIKE products.

  • Made to Order

    Made by NIKE in about 4-6 weeks depending on the NIKEiD product chosen.


What You Need to Know

Before you start designing read this!

Australia and New Zealand, unfortunately isn't a destination where NIKEiD USA deliver too. They also only accept payments through accepted Credit Cards, which Australian Credit Cards won't work.  

This is where can help you get your own unique shoe, clothing or accessories in Australia or New Zealand!

Using our guides will help you deliver customized NIKE iD shoes to you since Nike Australia won't provide this service. That's right! You can now order any item from NIKE by simply following our easy to read instructions and get them delivered.

Start Designing

How do i start the design process..

Go to the NIKEiD website and choose your layout and start designing your favourite shoes, clothing, and equipment.

You will then share your custom NIKE design and make an order through our website to make payment for your custom order.

Start Customizing  

ATTENTION! Once you click the link above please choose USA as the country so you are able to customize your design.

Design Complete?

I've completed a design, what now..

Once you have finished designing your custom shoes, follow the next step to start the process and make a design into reality like below!

Email Design   or View Completed  

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