Unofficial Guide to Order NIKEiD in Australia

1. Design your Nikes

How to Design NIKEID

Make your own custom shoes via the NIKEiD website to match your unique style choosing from a wide selection of colours and materials!


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2. Share the design

How to Share NIKEID

Share your custom NIKEiD design with us and check your email for further instructions to order your Nike products in Australia!

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3. Ordering NIKEiD

How to Order NIKEID

Follow the steps provided on the email and order your custom NIKES and we will send
it to Australia or New Zealand


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Make your own custom Nike shoes

What i can do for you

We are sneaker enthusiast that will provide simple guides to deliver custom NIKE iD shoes, clothing and accessories to Australia or New Zealand for a fee. Since NIKE doesn't offer shipping to Australia and New Zealand or accept payment, this is where we can help you achieve this by following our detailed guides.

How to start the process of ordering

All you need to do is start designing your product! Yes! That's right, you can deliver any NIKEiD product that you would like to order aswell as pay for the item just by you sharing your custom design. It's simple, just follow the steps above to begin your order  for customized NIKE shoes, clothes or accessories!

You are aware that this website is NOT NIKE, NIKEiD or associated with either of them in any shape or form. This website simply provide detailed guides and instructions to purchase NIKEiD in Australia or New Zealand. If you are looking for a website that is NIKE or NIKEiD, we recommend looking for an alternate website.

IMPORTANT! The guide to sharing your design has changed, please ensure you follow the updated guide.

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